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Our Story

Innovative products, customer loyalty, and a lot of fun!

At UpTop we believe in the power of creativity and customer loyalty.

Our slogan “With us, you’re never lonely at the top” was created because we believe that the work for our customers does not stop after a website or other product has been delivered. We will always keep collaborating so that they will never be “lonely” on top of that mountain of success!

The name UpTop has two meanings for us. The first meaning is “bringing our customers to the top”. We take on the challenge together to make a concept or company as successful as possible. The second meaning comes all the way from the US. There, the word “up top” is used to indicate that a “High Five” is about to happen. We like that, because on the way to the top it’s important to celebrate every little step with a high five!

“Up Top!”
(High Five occurs)

Our (Up)Toppers

Our (Up) Toppers are located throughout Europe, and all work together to improve the digital world. UpTop makes use of a permanent team of freelancers in order to be able to deploy the right specialist for each project.

Bjørn Bekkers

Founder & Project Manager

Bart van der Waerden

Designer / Front-end Developer

Rens Manders

Custom WordPress Developer

Valentijn Smit

Social Media Expert

Esmay Verschuren

GIPHY Expert

Christiaan Kloes

Custom WordPress Developer

Johanna Mager

Expansion Specialist

Monica Irodotou

Graphic Designer

Can we develop something for you?

You have the idea, we a cup of coffee a glass of water a tankard of beer a glass of wine a mug of tea a glass of soda