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The start of your healthy life

A platform for personal trainers

Fitweb brings customer and professional together faster, more focused and more accessible. With targeted searches, the customer can find his or her perfect professional match. Thanks to the professional profile pages of the professionals, the customer can quickly and easily see whether this fits in with his or her wishes and needs.

In 2018 we converted a supplied design for Fitweb into a working platform in October CMS.

Delivery Date

May 2018


Development platform - October CMS


Temporarily offline

Scalable on any device

Because there are so many different devices and screen sizes nowadays, it is essential that the website is clearly visible everywhere.

Whether you look at your iPhone or Android, iPad or Surface, 15-inch or 11-inch laptop, Fitweb is always available for your device!

Clear overview

Everyone is looking for a personal trainer that matches the individual situation. We have therefore built in a personal trainer overview with a handy filter system so that visitors can find a trainer that suits them.

This way you can search specifically for your environment and type of trainer!

Find your perfect trainer

With a personal trainer, the connection between you and your trainer is significant. We have built up the profiles of Fitweb so you can find much information about your trainer.

Every trainer has an “About Me” section and his personal qualities.

Easy to keep up with

For personal trainers, it is essential to be able to adjust their data on the platform everywhere and quickly.

Every personal trainer, therefore, has a login and own place on the dashboard with which they can adjust their data via any device


“UpTop helped me to realize Fitweb and they did this in a personal and professional way. With an eye for detail and a sympathetic attitude”.

Thomas de Koning, Founder Fitweb

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